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When to visit Forte dei Marmi

The beaches in Forte dei Marmi open to tourists quite early in the season with the first guests arriving as early as March. Of course, bathing before the end of May is unlikely, but many people come here just to relax at the seaside and sunbathe.

The ideal time for visiting Forte dei Marmi is late May, June, July, August and the first half of September. August is the most expensive and hottest month of the year.

Below is a table with average monthly temperatures.




People start going to the beach in early April to enjoy the first warm rays of the sun, but it is still too early to go on vacation at this time of year if you’re wanting to swim.
Average temperature: 16 / 10 °C


The temperature begins to rise towards the end of the month, and some find it warm enough for a swim.
Average temperature: 20 / 14 °C


The most economical summer month for a vacation: it's already quite warm and there are not many tourists yet!
Average temperature: 25 / 19 °C


The ideal time to relax in Forte dei Marmi. Each year, on the first weekend of July, the "Pink Night" takes place, when young people especially go out and have fun until the early hours of the morning.
Average temperature: 27 / 22 °C


This is the perfect time for a vacation in Forte dei Marmi, but beware, it is also the most expensive month of all, so we recommend booking hotels well in advance. And if you wish to make a booking for the week which includes the 15th (Ferragosto), bear in mind that you will pay twice as much, as this is the official vacation time in Italy.
Average temperature: 27 / 22 °C


The weather is very similar to June: the water is still warm, and the weather is not cold.
Average temperature: 24 / 19 °C


It is impossible to predict what the weather will be like in October in Forte dei Marmi: there may be some rain, just as the weather could be hot and ideal for swimming. There is a high probability that the rainy season will begin towards the end of the month.
Average temperature: 19 / 14 °C

November - March

Winter in Forte dei Marmi is quite mild and the temperature rarely drops below 5-10 degrees C. We do not recommend coming here at this time of year if you live far away because there are many other beautiful cities that you can visit in winter. Check out this site: www.bestofcinqueterre.com.

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